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A special night with two shows in one by Artist David B Anthony. The first 75 attendees to the Artshow will receive limited edition handouts.
Attend the Opening Reception on Saturday September 6, 2014 from 7 p.m to 11 p.m. at Almost Holden Gallery (2821 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405) and receive an invite to the Artshow Extended from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. at a secret location 2.3 Miles away.

The Artshow extended is a continued display of work by David B Anthony and will have Paintings, Live Music, Arcades, Photo Booth and more! Use UBER Invite Code “uberartshow” to receive $30 off your UBER transportation.

Both events will showcase Paintings, LED Light Installations and Neon Artwork produced by David B Anthony. 
Visit the Facebook Event page for more information or add the event to your calendar.


AHC is looking for Fall Interns! 
We are making BIG changes in the Fall and we need tons of help to pull it off - if you’re in LA or interested in working on Social Media remotely, get at us 
If you don’t want to follow the form please send us a resume and a cover letter detailing why you’d like to work with us. If you’re an artist send us some examples of your work! 

8/19@AHC-Crash the Clubs Presents…


8:00 // $8 // All Ages

#musiciansforhealth an #almostholdenrecords project for the benefit of cancer research, coming soon. #almostholden #cancer #cancerresearch #deathtodeath (at Almost Holden Records )

#musiciansforhealth an #almostholdenrecords project for the benefit of cancer research, coming soon. #almostholden #cancer #cancerresearch #deathtodeath (at Almost Holden Records )

8/16@AHC-Bored to Death Presents: A Night of Danceable Madness

BESTIAL MOUTHS promised not to eviscerate the building but their loud, sonorous sound will shake the Collective to its very foundations.

GRYPT will practice upon the witching of the dark and lonely, you will dance as they slowly chip away at your soul.

BIRTHDAYGIRL will gnash and smash through your psyche as you convulse. Violently.

Sashcloth & AXES per usual will bring a haze of black and a bass drum crash. Dance if you dare.

9PM // BYOB // $8
Don’t miss it