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CROWHURST  (full set) live @ Almost Holden Collection - 2821 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica | 8/20/13

live audio recorded by Zac & Austin ; video by Behr

RYLEE’s second project from her Sight & Sound: Film class 2010. The exercise was “dream.”

16mm tri-x (black & white) reversal film
shot on the arriflex (split screen and double exposure done in camera)
hand cut on steenbeck
telecine transfer 
main man & white rabbit: CHRIS BELLANT & LORIN ANGELICA
funeral attendees: SHAL, WAVE, CARLOS, JZ
mystic chicks: ANNIE HUMPHREVILLE + RJ
special thanks to the crew: CARLOS, JZ, BEHRAD, JOSH!

AHC 2010